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Formation of the Greater Beloit Economic Development Corporation

The Greater Beloit Economic Development Corporation was officially organized in April 2005 as a result of a merger of the Beloit Economic Development Advisory Council and the Beloit Economic Development Corporation.

This powerful alliance of non-profit organizations will focus on competitive and prosperous growth throughout the region including Beloit, South Beloit, Illinois, Town of Beloit, and Town of Turtle.  The GBEDC works with companies that are interested in investing in the community, retaining or creating new jobs and  planning business professionals.  The GBEDC focuses on establishing an environment that encourages existing companies to remain and expand, using business retention strategies, while also attracting new businesses.


The GBEDC organizes economic activities in the Greater Beloit area.  Focusing on: Industrial and Commercial Development, Package Incentives, Marketing, and Job Training.

The GBEDC acts as a liaison to resources that provide for business retention and expansion as well as new businesses, creating and retaining jobs while increasing the tax base.  Acting as a voice for the business community, the GBEDC facilitates professional partnerships with local government agencies, utility companies, realtors, and public and private entities.

The GBEDC provides value-added services tailored to meet the needs of members and the community, including financial assistance, such as the revolving loan program and local multi-bank loan pool.

GBEDC Strategic Plan

An Investor-Based Organization with Business Retention Strategies

The GBEDC investors are the region's largest stakeholders and strongest community-minded businesses, that support the organization's mission to foster economic growth in the Greater Beloit area.  As a public/private partnership, the GBEDC's general investor strives to be comprised of small and large employers, professional service and retail businesses, community organizations, and private individuals in the Greater Beloit area.

2014 Board Members

2014 Committee Members

2014 Officers and Executive Members

Investor Benefits

Recognition as a strong corporate citizen who supports professional economic development and a higher standard of living and quality of life for the Greater Beloit area.  Networking opportunities with other businesses to create, retain, and expand business opportunities and markets within the Greater Beloit area.  Involvement in implementing new strategies that will strengthen and grow our community.  Opportunity to serve on the Board of Directors.  Investors may actively volunteer on one or more of the standing committees including: Loan and Finance, Recruitment/Investment, Strategic Planning, Business Development, and Business/Education Partnership.  

2014 Investors

Want to get involved?  Give us a call at 608-364-6610 to request a membership packet today! 

2013 Annual Report


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• The GBEDC is a public/private member-based non-profit organization that fosters economic development in the Greater Beloit area.
• We will be a broad-based, public/private partnership that creates a common focus for economic development activities in Greater Beloit.
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