Why Invest in the GBEDC?

The mission of the GBEDC is to foster investment and job growth in the economy thereby improving the quality of life, educational attainment, housing availability and prosperity for all in the Greater Beloit Region.

Prosperity for all is a bold goal, but as our north star it reminds us that the diverse population that lives, works and visits our Region are a part of driving our economy. It takes strong partners throughout the region to achieve our mission.

The US Economic Development Administration (EDA) defines economic development as the expansion of capacities that contribute to the advancement of society through the realization of individual, firm and community potential. They state that economic development is measured by a sustained increase in prosperity and quality of life.

We need your investment to provide strong regional leadership.

Thank you for your interest in becoming an investor with the GBEDC. Entity investors should be able to demonstrate that they are an entity in good standing with the Wisconsin Department of Financial Institutions or the Illinois Office of the Secretary of State Business Services Department. Your completed application along with your evidence of good standing will be submitted to the GBEDC Executive Committee for review and final approval. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Drew Pennington.

Benefits of InvestmentGold $10,000 - EntitySilver $5,000 - EntityBronze $3,000 - EntityNon Entity Indviduals $1,000
Seat on Executive Committee (Elected Annually)X   
Seat on Board of Directors (Elected Annually)XX  
Seat on All Other Committees (Appointed by Board Chair)XXXX
Board of Director on GBEDC LetterheadXX  
GBEDC E-Newsletter - Investor SpotlightXX  
GBEDC Website - Your logo on the homepageX   
GBEDC Website - Link to your websiteXXX 
GBEDC Website - Description of your companyX   
Promote your News on GBEDC WebsiteXXX 
Promote your news on GBEDC Social MediaX   

Annually, the Board Chair appoints Ex-Officio and Community Partners who provide subject matter expertise related to the goals of the GBEDC.  Those entities invest at $110 annually.  K-12 Education Partners invest at $551 annually.

Please complete the form below, including attaching your evidence of good standing. 

Become an Investor

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