Providing quality housing in the Greater Beloit Region is a priority for the GBEDC.  In 2021 the GBEDC commissioned a Housing Demand Analysis, funded primarily by our partners at Beloit 200 and completed by Stantec.  Housing Developers interested in building in the Greater Beloit Region will find the Housing Demand Analysis a critical tool in determining worthy investments.

Greater Beloit Housing Demand Analysis 2021

housing graphic

"Based on the mix of housing that has been recently developed, and observations from interviewees about housing types that are needed, the following is an estimated breakdown of housing demand in the Beloit Area over the next five year (2022 - 2027)."

Single Family - 500 Units

Duplex/Townhome - 200 Units

Other Multifamily

Market Rate General Occupancy - 400 Units

Market Rate Senior - 100 Units

Rent Restricted Affordable - 150 Units

Following are housing developments currently (as of April 2022) underway in the Greater Beloit Region.

City of Beloit

Deer Path Estates (Developer Next Generation)

Oaks 2 (Developer Hendricks Commercial Properties

Parkmeadow 4 

Elmwood Commons (Developer Next Generation)

Eagles Ridge (Developer New Leaf Homes & Remodeling)

Wright & Wagner Lofts (Developer Hendricks Commercial Properties)

Village of Clinton

Clinton Crossings (Developer New Leaf Homes & Remodeling)

Town of Beloit

The Town of Beloit has recently closed on 65 acres to be developed for housing.

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