Meet the Investors in the Greater Beloit Economic Development Corporation (GBEDC)

12 Oct 2022


The Greater Beloit Economic Development Corporation (GBEDC) has many investors which makes their work possible. Investors come from a wide range of industries and from both large and small companies, and reflect the many different businesses that create the thriving community of Greater Beloit. In addition to local businesses, local education institutions and community organizations also invest in GBEDC.

Learn More About GBEDC’s Investors

Some of GBEDC’s investors include:

  • Alliant Energy
  • Beloit College
  • Fairbanks Morse Defense
  • Downtown Beloit Association
  • School District of Beloit
  • South Beloit School District
  • Mid-States Concrete

All of these investors play an important role in making the work of the GBEDC possible.

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