Sky Carp owner Quint Studer to be honored by Wisconsin Baseball Coaches Assocation

Sky Carp owner Quint Studer to be honored by Wisconsin Baseball Coaches Assocation Main Photo

5 Feb 2024

BELOIT — Beloit Sky Carp owner Quint Studer will receive the Wisconsin Baseball Coaches Association Man of the Year recognition at the WBCA February 10 annual banquet in Middleton, Wisconsin.

Mark Fuller, Executive Director of the WBCA, said the award was much deserved.

“This award is for the Man of the Year, and to me that involves a number of things,” Fuller said. “When you look at someone who has been involved in baseball in a few ways and is from our state, which is where you start. Then, when you look at the fact that he has been a tremendous philanthropist and provided opportunities for young people to play at professional facilities in both Florida and Wisconsin, that really made Quint a great candidate for us.”

Studer owns the Double A Miami Marlins affiliate in Pensacola as well as the Marlins High A affiliate in Beloit. He regularly makes the team’s ballparks available to local colleges and high schools’ teams.

“Providing amateur players with professional experience, that’s something those kids will never forget,” Fuller said. “And what he has done for the communities in both Pensacola and Beloit is just exceptional. He has been a great steward for the youth and a great steward for the sport of baseball. That is what makes him such a great candidate for this award.”

Studer is certainly in some exceptional company. Brewers’ winners include former Milwaukee Brewers owner and longtime MLB Commissioner Bud Selig, along with legendary announcer Bob Uecker.

“We’ve had some tremendous individuals who have been a part of this ceremony in the past,” Fuller said. “Many people that have done a lot of remarkable things for people in our state. And Quint is certainly deserving to be mentioned in that same category.”


He purchased the Beloit franchise in 2020 when the team was facing certain peril. Major League Baseball was in the process of restructuring the Minor Leagues, and Beloit was on the list of teams to be eliminated.

Studer gives all the credit for saving affiliated baseball in Beloit to the local community.

“While I bought the team the heavy lifting was done by individuals and companies in Beloit,” Studer said. “There was the rallying cry to not lose affiliated baseball. Due to this situation the $35 million ABC Supply Stadium was built entirely with private dollars. There is an incredible sense of pride in the Beloit Community to accomplish such a feat.”

Studer said he holds the honor in high esteem.

“I am very appreciative of the WBCA for the recognition. My first-year teaching in Janesville, my classroom was next to Dan Madden. A great coach and person. I was able spend time with people dedicated to youth baseball like coaches Coyle, Kingsley, Krause, and many others.

“As my life evolved, I have been able to help youth and communities in a variety of ways, which I am grateful for. Baseball is about relationships. Coaches make baseball work and they do it for one reason, to make a positive impact on those they coach and their communities. I am in awe of baseball coaches. They are selfless individuals that play such a key role in creating learning opportunities for players on and off the field.”

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