USS Beloit Steams Toward Commissioning: A Moment of Pride for Beloit

USS Beloit Steams Toward Commissioning: A Moment of Pride for Beloit Main Photo

10 May 2024

The City of Beloit is eagerly preparing to commission the USS Beloit (LCS-29), which will be a momentous event. Follow the progress at The USS Beloit is a Freedom-class Littoral Combat Ship. It will be the first commissioned ship in naval service named after Beloit, Wisconsin, a testament to the city's deep-rooted contributions to the United States Navy, mainly through its Fairbanks Morse Defense plant, which built the engines for the USS Beloit.

A Tradition of Honor and Pride

The commissioning of a U.S. warship is a time-honored tradition dating back to 1775, when a captured British schooner, the Margaretta, was commissioned. The commissioning ceremony is a pivotal event in the ship's life, symbolizing its readiness for active service and its new role in the Navy.

USS Beloit's commissioning ceremony is expected to be grand, attracting 1,500 to 10,000 attendees depending on the ship and crew size. The ceremony will be held outdoors, regardless of weather, as long as it remains safe. This historic event represents the City of Beloit's pride and commitment to supporting the U.S. Navy.

Commissioning Committee: A Beacon of Collaboration

The USS Beloit Commissioning Committee has been established to plan the events leading up to the commissioning ceremony meticulously. This non-profit volunteer organization committee plays a crucial role in organizing various events and receptions the week before the ceremony. One notable event is the "Chair’s Dinner," typically hosted in the Commissioning location on the Friday evening before the commissioning.

The Importance of the Commissioning Ceremony

The commissioning ceremony is much more than just a celebratory event. It serves several crucial purposes:

  • Public Engagement: The ceremony provides an opportunity for the broader American public to witness the successful culmination of their investments in national security.
  • Navy Support: The event fosters a deeper understanding and appreciation for the Navy's vital role in safeguarding the nation.
  • Recruitment and Retention: Commissioning ceremonies serve as effective recruitment tools, showcasing the pride and purpose of serving in the U.S. Navy.

A Glimpse into the Ceremony

The ship's Commanding Officer will execute the commissioning ceremony on behalf of the Secretary of the Navy. It usually lasts one to two hours and is accessible to the public. The ceremony includes various ceremonial elements such as a Navy Band, a color guard, and a saluting battery.

The Commissioning is free, but attendees must request a ticket in advance. A free post-commissioning reception is also offered.

A Source of Pride and Connection

The commissioning ceremony of the USS Beloit will allow the community to witness the fruits of their investments in the U.S. Navy. It fosters a broader understanding and support of the Navy's mission and contributions to the nation's defense.

This ceremony is a landmark moment for the ship and its crew and a celebration of the City of Beloit's legacy and connection to the Navy. It is a testament to the enduring partnership between the U.S. Navy, the Navy League of the United States, and local communities like Greater Beloit.

We at the Greater Beloit EDC are incredibly proud to see the USS Beloit take its place in the U.S. Navy fleet. The upcoming commissioning ceremony promises to be a historic event for Beloit and a powerful symbol of the city's enduring contributions to our nation's security. Stay tuned for further updates on the ceremony and how you can be a part of this momentous occasion!

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