Rise & Grind Coffee Haus: Beloit's Mobile Coffee Haven

Rise & Grind Coffee Haus: Beloit's Mobile Coffee Haven Main Photo

19 Jun 2023


A coffee revolution is brewing in Beloit, Wisconsin, led by the enterprising mother-daughter duo of Joyce DesJardin and Paige Hoops. Their brainchild, Rise & Grind Coffee Haus, has captivated the community with its unique mobile coffee shop experience. Housed in a 20-foot car hauler, this coffee haven on wheels is quickly becoming Beloit's most beloved coffee stop. The story behind their drive to satisfy the town's need for a drive-through option with clean and organic brews illustrates the passion and possibilities to be found in Beloit.

Thirst for change

The journey of Rise & Grind Coffee Haus began with Joyce and Paige's desire for a guilt-free coffee experience after their early morning workouts. Fueled by their dedication to health-conscious choices, they longed for a place that offered organic and wholesome options. 

To meet the demand for a coffee shop with a drive-through option, Paige and Joyce explored various possibilities. While a brick-and-mortar location seemed the obvious choice initially, they needed help finding one that offered the convenience they envisioned. Inspired by their friends, who valued the ability to grab a coffee without leaving their kids unattended in their cars, they settled on the idea of a mobile unit.

Heart of the operation

Rise & Grind Coffee Haus operates from a 20-foot mobile unit initially built in Georgia and subsequently customized. The mobile marvel now serves as the epicenter of their coffee venture, consisting of a team of five skilled baristas to create exceptional brews for their customers. 

The mobile unit finds its home in a parking lot that Joyce and Paige initially researched for a brick-and-mortar location. Situated just a few blocks from downtown Beloit, Rise & Grind Coffee Haus has become a popular local meeting spot. Customers enjoy their coffee and then stroll to the downtown farmers market. The coffee trailer's proximity to the college attracts students, who often embrace the experience by creating entertaining TikTok videos.

Organic delights

Rise & Grind Coffee Haus is committed to offering clean and organic products. The coffee beans are sourced from a passionate entrepreneur they met at a coffee convention in Chicago. The entrepreneur creates small batches of micro-roasted coffee from organic, fair-trade beans. DesJardin adds her personal touch by crafting a variety of syrups, introducing six new flavors each month.

Community embrace

The first six months of operation have exceeded Joyce and Paige's expectations, as the community has wholeheartedly embraced their venture. Word-of-mouth recommendations have driven customer traffic from individuals and local businesses. In addition to the drive-through option, Rise & Grind Coffee Haus also offers a walk-up service, further enhancing its appeal. The coffee trailer’s overall positive impact on the community is amplified by the desirable convenience that has made avid supporters of groups like the local police department.

Supporting small businesses

Beloit, known for its small-town support and positivity, has extended its helping hand to Rise & Grind Coffee Haus. The owners are grateful. "Although the business's unique setup didn't fit into typical permitting and licensing scenarios, the city authorities demonstrated flexibility, helping to make the coffee trailer a reality. We can proudly say that the city's support has contributed to the success of this venture," said Hoops. The owners noted the community’s overall attitude toward helping others was especially evident with Christine Lawver and Vicki Bryden, owners of the Bryden Motors car dealership across the street from their mobile unit, who loved the coffee shop concept and were a crucial part of their startup story. 

Future Endeavors

Despite inquiries about future brick-and-mortar expansions, Hoops and DesJardin are pleased with their mobile setup. They plan to create a truly portable unit to reach different community areas. Their service excellence has caught the attention of various organizations and individuals, who have invited Rise & Grind Coffee Haus to cater their events, parties, and fundraisers.

Words of Wisdom

To aspiring entrepreneurs with similar dreams, Hoops suggests seeking advice from experienced professionals in the field, learning from their challenges and triumphs. DesJardin encourages visiting food trucks, engaging with the owners, sampling their cuisine, and gathering valuable insights into running a successful mobile business.

Rise & Grind Coffee Haus has become integral to Beloit's fabric, delivering organic and guilt-free coffee to a community that profoundly appreciates its mission. Joyce DesJardin and Paige Hoops have embraced the mobile unit concept to fulfill a pressing need while forging customer connections. With unwavering support from the city and an ever-growing fanbase, Rise & Grind Coffee Haus exemplifies the spirit of small businesses thriving through innovation and community support. Visit their website here.

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