NorthPointe Birth Center: A Serene Sanctuary for Natural Birth

NorthPointe Birth Center: A Serene Sanctuary for Natural Birth Main Photo

20 Oct 2023


Greater Beloit, will soon be home to a groundbreaking healthcare facility, the NorthPointe Birth Center (NPBC), dedicated to redefining the birthing experience and improving access to quality care in the region. This unique center, located within the NorthPointe Health and Wellness Campus, and under the aegis of Beloit Health System, is set to provide expectant mothers and their families with a peaceful and alternative patient care model during pregnancy, labor/delivery, and postpartum periods.

At the heart of the NPBC's mission is offering low-risk patients a safe, natural birthing experience. With a primary focus on wellness, this new facility will emphasize the comfort and tranquility of home, all while maintaining proximity to essential medical services if needed.

The NPBC will be a sanctuary for expectant families, equipped with all the amenities one might need. Patients can expect the comforts of home, including private bedrooms, bathrooms, a family waiting room, and a well-equipped kitchen. This approach aims to create a nurturing and reassuring environment for mothers-to-be, allowing them to embrace the miracle of birth with confidence and serenity.

“We are proud to bring this higher level of care to the NorthPointe Campus to serve our patients in the region.  This is a unique service that is not currently provided in Southern Wisconsin or Northern Illinois.  The NPBC will focus on the entire family experience.  The center will improve access and quality for low risk pregnancies,” stated Tim McKevett, President and CEO, Beloit Health System.

Beloit Health System continuously looks for ways to help improve access and care in our community.  The NorthPointe Birth Center will offer licensed, qualified obstetric/pediatric consultants, and as a freestanding facility, it will be fully equipped to provide care, located in a serene environment. In following the mission of Beloit Health System, we are proud to be a leader in regional health and wellness services, delivering high quality, value and satisfaction to our patients and the communities we serve,” commented Sharon Cox, Vice President, RN, Chief Nursing Officer.

Beloit Health System is dedicated to its mission of being a regional leader in health and wellness services. By offering the NorthPointe Free Standing Birth Center, they aim to deliver high-quality care, exceptional value, and patient satisfaction to their communities.

The NorthPointe Birth Center is set to transform the birthing experience for expectant families in the Greater Beloit region. With a focus on natural birth and an environment designed to bring comfort and tranquility, this innovative healthcare facility will become a vital asset for the community, improving access and quality of care for low-risk pregnancies. 

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