West Side Vitality Grant

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15 Feb 2024



The Greater Beloit Economic Development Corporation (GBEDC) is pleased to announce a new West Side Vitality Grant to support small businesses and child care centers.  This competitive 50/50 matching grant opportunity is open to businesses and child care centers on the West Side of the City of Beloit.  Grant funds may be used to fund exterior site and building improvements including awnings, signage, fencing, landscaping, parking improvements, etc.  This program is not for interior improvements.  Preference will be given to applicants along Fourth Street, Liberty Avenue, and Madison Road.  The GBEDC Executive Committee shall review all applications after the April 1, 2024 due date and may award up to four grants of $5,000 each to eligible applicants.  Funding is limited and an application does not guarantee funding.  A complete list of eligibility requirements and the grant application is available at: West Side Vitality Grant Rules and Application 2024

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