Hendricks CareerTek’s 2023 Update

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1 Mar 2024

BELOIT – After Hendricks CareerTek went through a major renovation in 2023, they’ve been able to provide a unique experience for children while exploring different career paths in their afterschool programs.

The organization had a vision to renovate within their location at the Ironworks campus, 625 3rd St. Unit 200 in Beloit, to provide students with more hands-on experiences. Renovation was complete by August 2023 which included an additional 2,200 square feet.

“The programs have always existed, but we wanted to reallocate the space,” Executive Director Derrick Carter said. With the renovation, the medical lab along with the innovation and construction clubs now have their own space and more technology is provided to students. “In 2023, our goal was to serve 1,250 students. We actually served 1,563 students,” Carter said. All programs are free. The after school programs are once a week for a month for 6th to 9th graders, 4pm to 5pm. The clubs for high school students are Monday and Wednesday from 4pm to 6pm.

The after school programs are a smaller scale of medical, innovation and construction to help students begin getting involved in those fields. “It’s really about providing opportunities for students to experience so they can have a better idea about what direction they want to go after school,” Director of Career Development Susan Day said.

Medical Lab

Teaming up with Blackhawk Technical College, the nonprofit currently provides tuition for 40 students to become certified nursing assistants. With the addition of its medical lab, students are able to take classes at nonprofit. “Having the class actually be taught here, gives students that extra touch of academic support,” Day said. “With the students being closer in age as well, they become a pretty close knit group.”

Scrubs, exams, background checks and any other expenses incurred for the program are covered by Hendricks CareerTek. The room is set up to mimic a hospital room with a medical simulator for students to practice.

Innovation Club

The innovation club is a 12 week program for students in 10th-12th grade who are interested in working with computers, engineering, building robots, programming and entrepreneurship.

Students meet at the club once a week for a semester. They’ll learn how to read blueprints, coding, Solidworks, building assemblies, engineering and how to take a CWSA/CSWP certification test in mechanical design.

New updates include a green screen room, 3D printers, computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines, a robotics field, a heat press, vinyl cutters and a large monitor to display projects such as CAD drawings.

“This space is kind of an umbrella for anything that doesn’t fall under healthcare or the trades,” Day said.

Construction Club

The construction club is a 12 week program for students in 10th-12th grade who are interested in gaining experience in construction. This includes electrical, plumbing, framing, interior and exterior finishing work, concrete, roofing and carpentry. Students collaborate to build a scale model house with a scale size of one inch to one foot. They choose the blueprint, build a foundation and figure out what materials they need to buy. Each student receives industry recognized certificates upon completion. “We also invite professionals into our space… it’s always effective to have real carpenters, plumbers and electricians to come and share their craft and stories,” Day said. They’ve also previously had a bathroom set up so students could learn about wiring fans and lights. “So this space is just very versatile.”

Students can take multiple programs at once. Since the programs have become so popular, they plan to limit each student to only two programs at once, to be able to offer the opportunity to more students. The change should happen during the 2024-25 school year.

Besides the programs, the CareerTek also provides career exploration and readiness through job shadowing, youth apprenticeship, resume and cover letter writing and financial literacy for 10th to 12th graders. Seniors can also get assistance with college applications and essay writing, CareerTek academic scholarships, and attend Stateline Family Foundation scholarship night. “We also provide soft skills like how to follow directions, communication and how to have empathy,” Pathway Program Director Will Davis said.

Students can come from any district. So far, they have students from Beloit Turner, Clinton, Milton, Janesville and Beloit.

The summer academy program is for 6th - 12th graders. Registration opens Monday, April 1 and closes Tuesday, April 30. There are 23 programs available that slightly change every year to accommodate new interests. Quote about cosmetology. Last summer programs included babysitting, robotics, food science, coding and finance. Programs are from 9am to 3pm with some being four to seven days while most are single day experiences. Half of the instructors are from Blackhawk Technical College.

For more information about Hendricks CareerTek programs, call (608) 312-4770 or visit www.hendrickscareertek.org.

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