Hendricks CareerTek: Bridging the Gap Between Students and Employers in Beloit

Hendricks CareerTek: Bridging the Gap Between Students and Employers in Beloit Main Photo

15 Sep 2023


Hendricks CareerTek in Beloit has been instrumental in shaping the community's future by providing a unique space for employers and students to intersect. Through expansion and renovation, Hendricks CareerTek has become a driving force in economic and community development in Beloit, offering students a pathway to high-demand career fields.

Expanding Horizons

The expansion and renovation of Hendricks CareerTek's facilities have profoundly impacted Beloit's economic and community development. Susan Day, Career Development Director at the center, states, "The expansion has brought us more awareness to high-demand careers such as nursing and manufacturing. The more partnerships we have, the more we can inform the students of high-demand career opportunities."

The additional 2,220 square feet of space, new laboratories, and enhanced programming have transformed the center into a skill development and exploration hub. This expansion offers students the chance to work on more in-depth projects and fosters innovation and construction clubs for 10th to 12th graders, preparing them for the workforce with hands-on experiences.

Nurturing Skills and Prospects

Hendricks CareerTek's programs encompass many high-demand career fields, including coding, healthcare, construction, manufacturing, entrepreneurship, and more. The center's commitment to skill development is evident through its after-school programming and educational opportunities.

Susan Day elaborates, "The goal of the after-school programs is to provide hands-on career exploration to middle school students and our clubs to provide comprehensive skill training to high school students. This will prepare students for the workforce in areas such as trades and technology, resulting in an immediate impact by reducing the learning curve and increasing productivity."
By offering summer workshops and academies on career exploration, Hendricks CareerTek ensures that students receive industry-recognized certifications and gain a competitive edge in the job market. These programs equip students with practical skills and knowledge, enhancing their job prospects and contributing to economic growth in the region.

Building Bridges with Employers

Collaboration is at the heart of Hendricks CareerTek's success. The center works closely with local employers and industries to ensure students receive industry-recognized certifications and valuable opportunities. Industry-recognized certifications, such as CNA certification scholarships and Solid Works (CSWA certification), produce employee-ready students who can begin working in high-demand industries even before graduating from high school.

Susan Day acknowledges the vital role of the local business and education community, stating, "We could not provide these incredible programs without the support of the local business and education community. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to the Hendricks Family Foundation, Hendricks Commercial Properties, and our esteemed collaborators in education and business for their steadfast and invaluable support!”

A Bright Future for Beloit

Hendricks CareerTek's unwavering commitment to serving approximately 1,250 students annually is a testament to its dedication to the community. The fact that all programming is provided free of charge underscores the center's mission to bridge the gap between education and careers, making opportunities accessible to all. Through its innovative programs, partnerships with local employers, and commitment to skill development, Hendricks CareerTek is not just a career center but a beacon of hope and opportunity for the entire community. As Director Derrick Carter aptly puts it, "This expansion will allow students to have extensive hands-on experiences as they work on more in-depth projects," Indeed, these experiences will shape the future of Beloit's workforce, ensuring a brighter tomorrow for all.


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