USS Beloit embodies community spirit

USS Beloit embodies community spirit Main Photo

8 May 2022

Source:  Beloit Daily News

MARINETTE, Wis.—In countless ways, the USS Beloit embodies much more than a single name. It carries the innumerable and figurative weight of a community’s military heritage, sacrifice and courage in conjunction with its hard-working industries that include company’s like Fairbanks Morse Defense (FMD).

“When I think about the USS Beloit and how it is powered by an engine manufactured right in our community, I think about Beloit and how it is powered by people,” City of Beloit Manager Lori Curtis Luther told the people gathered for Saturday’s christening ceremony in Marinette. “We (the Beloit community) take great pride in our roots and the variety of cultures represented in our community, we have a rich history and Fairbanks Morse Defense has played a significant role for 150 years … and it is through the hard work and tenacity of these men and women who a played crucial role in protecting our nation neighbors during (conflict).”

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