Anchors aweigh: USS Beloit launched

Anchors aweigh:  USS Beloit launched Main Photo

8 May 2022

Source:  Beloit Daily News

MARINETTE—Saturday morning, only an instant after the four Fincantieri Marinette Marine (FMM) triggermen unleashed Newton’s Laws of Motion, a momentum driven by gravity and the tremendous culmination of history, heritage, people and collaboration sent the 388-foot USS Beloit into the Menominee River. The ship’s splashdown displaced upwards of 3,400 tons of water, uplifting a prodigious wave and marking the long-awaited and official christening and launch of the Navy’s newest littoral combat ship (LCS 29).

“Nothing I can say today can express how honored I am to be the sponsor of this ship,” said retired Maj. Gen. Marcia Anderson.

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