Roman's Supermarket to open in Beloit

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10 May 2022

BELOIT—A new independent grocery store is set to open later this month in Beloit.

Roman’s Supermarket is expected to open its doors May 23. It will be located at 220 Liberty Ave. in Beloit.

Roman’s Market, Roman’s Fuels and the new Beloit location are all owned by Tony Boparai. Roman’s Market and Roman’s Fuels are both operating in the city of Janesville.

Boparai said he is excited to expand into Beloit.

“Liberty Avenue is a unique location. It’s in a nice neighborhood and near popular businesses,” Boparai said. “I have also noticed plenty of walking traffic in the area, where customers can stop by.”

There is a Taco Johns and Speedway on the corner of Liberty Avenue and Fourth Street before coming up to Roman’s Supermarket.

Boparai is from Janesville and has been running Roman’s Fuel at 108 Center Ave., Janesville, since 2009, while Roman’s Market is nearby at 2006 Center Ave.

Roman’s Market opened in March of 2021, which was Boparai’s first venture into the grocery business.

“I learned quickly that it is our priority to always have fresh food for customers, by constantly rotating the product and ordering,” Boparai said.

Roman’s Market was only 3,000 square feet compared to Roman’s Supermarket that is going to offer about 8,700 square feet of space.

“We are expecting some overlap, but there will be a lot more variety at the Beloit location,” Boparai said. “Roman’s Supermarket will have double the amount of variety for customers.”

“We will have frozen food, refrigerated dairy products, vegetables, fruits, and a variety of options for customers.” Boparai noted. “We will have anything from avocados to frozen options available.”

“We have heard only good things so far about the announcement,” Boparai said. “Some customers for the first time will have a grocery store within walking distance.”

Boparai bought the building back in March, which was the old Guenther Electric building. Guenther Electric has since moved to 2825 S Bartells Drive in Beloit.

“We have done a lot to get the building ready and turned around for opening day,” Boparai said. “The biggest problem has been equipment availability and we are just waiting on the copper pipes to be put in.”

Once the store is officially open, Boparai hopes to hire on more staff and applications will be available on location.

“We will be bringing over some staff from Janesville and I will be running the store for the first couple of weeks,” Boparai noted.

The store will be accepting cash, debit/credit, EBT and WIC. WIC could take at least two weeks to be available at the location, he said.

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